APFL announces Inter-League play to begin in 2010

Topeka, KS – The American Professional Football League announced today that starting in 2010 the APFL will add Central Plains Football League (CPFL) teams to its slate of regular season games.  The CPFL is a 4-year old regional league based in many of the same states as the APFL.  Both leagues follow the same rules but the APFL plays indoors while the CPFL plays outside.

“We have been in negotiations with the CPFL for some time now and have finally been able to clear away the hurdles to open up Inter-League competition,” said APFL President Ralph Adams.  “Inter-League play is a great way to add to our already spirited line-up of games.”

Much in the same way that NCAA college schools host non-conference teams to open their regular season, so too the APFL will host CPFL teams to kickoff their spring schedule.  Following the NCAA model again, all APFL-CPFL games will count toward the standings as the five APFL teams, Iowa Blackhawks, Junction City Force, Kansas Koyotes, Mid-Missouri Outlaws and the Springfield Wolf Pack all vie for the 8th league championship.  It is the Iowa Blackhawks who will look to defend their title this year.

“Our season runs concurrent with the APFL season so it made good sense to partner up with their league,” said CPFL Co-Founder Terry Winfree.  “We are looking forward to giving the APFL a run for its money!”

A complete schedule of APFL games is due out at the end of the week.  A press release is forthcoming.